Is Humanity Becoming More Peaceful or Violent?

Probably the common conception in the world at large (including some sectors/people within the alternative media scene) is that violence is a problem which is being tackled. Perhaps many people would have a very stereotypical conception of violence where the images they see whenever they hear the term “violence” would be in the physical sense, but I think the issue is much deeper and complex.

You have to consider that physical violence is just one form of abuse and for me it is very interesting to see that when the word “violence” is thrown a lot of people think of physical violence taken to the extreme: wars, beat downs, riots, murders, rape and what have you. There are various degrees of physical violence, from the angry parent hitting his/her children because they are being somewhat hyperactive to the cold murder of humans or animals for whatever reason… and you know I think the general consensus trance is fucked up. Blowing up thousands of people seems to be horrible, but giving slaps to children because they don’t follow neurotic rules… well that seems to be ok, we’ll tolerate that.

Then we have emotional violence, think psychopaths taking advantage of emotional vulnerabilities or pedantic teachers ridiculing students because they can’t or don’t want to repeat things like a parrot. we could also get into the phenomenon of machismo.

There is something else which I consider emotional violence and that is what the entertainment industry does at large, which is the bombardment of the emotional self. Just look at the chick flicks, for instance, or at the rambo macho man series or at the idiotic romance songs where you have to cry because your boyfriend or girlfriend left you. Very messed up and if you happen to be the average guy or the average girl in a western society… well imagine a mixture of emotional violence: On one side you are meant to play tough, the serious person who gets down to business and on the other you are being fed a never-ending series of emotionally loaded bullshit.

Perhaps we can also get into spiritual or psychic violence, you know cut someone’s contact with their true Self, don’t allow people to really find authentic expressions of themselves, oh but every other human who is programmed will make sure to tell you: “just be yourself”, the media will come and offer you endless personas and the scientists will enter the fray to let you know that every single thought or voice that you hear in you head belongs to you.

Let’s look at sexual repression for a while… ever wonder why there are so many people with sexual anxiety? ever wonder why there is so much sexual abuse towards people of all ages? and have in mind that sexual abuse doesn’t necessarily mean rape. This issue about sexual repression is interesting because it shows you how physical repression can lead to chaos on the emotional and psychic Selves. Well physical violence has such an effect if it is practiced constantly.

So yes, apparently extreme physical violence has been reduced, maybe we’ll be seeing less and less in the future… but we need to ask: WHY AND HOW?. What are the driving forces which seemingly are eroding physical violence?. Is it the “good nature” of human beings? is it that humans are finally discussing before throwing punches? is intelligence actually increasing?… or is it due to the new – or not so new – ways of repression? is it because nowadays the masses can be provided with more bread and circuses and miracles than ever before? is it because the scientists and big pharma have the answer for the problems which assault human beings day in and day out? have they found a cure for rage, sadness, depression, etc. in the form of small pills and capsules?

“Here Mr. take 3 capsules every morning, and you’ll be an ever smiling and succesful being!”. Maybe the state has more prisons, bigger and better than ever before so the criminals can be locked up and be kept away from the good Samaritans, perhaps the governments around the world can provide more police officers to patrol the streets and neighbourhoods while at the same time they keep the thugs far away… hey maybe the brave armies of the most powerful countries are indeed bringing peace, you know, maybe the deaths of those ugly and nasty terrorists do make the world a safer and better place.

I’d say it has little to do with the fact that some people are snapping out of it and are evolving. I’d say there are more “miracles”, more entertainment, more prisons, more effective “watch agencies”. Heck just look at mass media. Don’t the big media outlets perpetuate a form of violence? doesn’t the existence of such outlets and their practices tell us something about violence on multiple levels?.

I feel humanity at large is in a stage of social experimentation, a social experiment which to me seems to be leading humanity into a mixed existence between “THX 1138” and “Gattaca”.

So I would say violence is actually increasing, not so much in the physical realm, but certainly the emotional and psychic realms are getting more and more toxic.

So no, sadly violence is not eroding, I’d say this: We have more masks for violence than ever before.

If humanity at large is ever gonna change for the better, then what “we” need are rebels and wise people, not masses of goody two shoes who smile because that is the polite thing to do.

Have in mind that this is a layer or layers of the problem, some of the themes I presented can be explored further and I have found that those are very fine lines at times, I’d like to share an interview with Michael Tsarion which I think is very relevant to this entry:


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  1. Both. The energy has always been the same, the only difference is what is the contemporary portal. As long as we don’t know ourselves or go about learning how to know ourselves, psychosis will always exist. Hence why were on this self contained planet like a conscious womb playing out our infantile experiences until we grow up.

  2. I say more violence.. People are like children, confused, an inner voice they should have learned to listen to when they were children is yelling at them and they aren’t listening, so they are acting out and don’t know why. They think it’s because they can’t buy those consumer goods they want, or that chick won’t have sex with them, but that’s not it..

  3. this is a great first post! violence has indeed many masks. ignorance is the best. righteousness is the most deceiving. we need more thinkers and less followers!

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