Male Domination or Female Domination?

A meme which occupies the minds of many people on this planet is the subject of gender supremacy. Some people say this world is intolerant and crazy because of greedy men who only see women as objects, while other argue that it’s all on those crazy women seeking independence and taking away manhood from the little boys. I’d like to propose a deeper view on the subject with a psychological twist:

The problem is not found in the genders themselves, rather it is found in the psychic realm: the corrupt archetypes, the psychological trauma, the psychic tyrannies. What is it that makes men want to play the tough macho man? what makes a man want to see women submit to his rotten persona?. What makes a woman be willing to submit herself to a neurotic bastard? what makes a woman an emotional manipulator? what makes both genders enter into a state of decay?.

You see, humanity has been going trough a large, large cycle of psychic and physical trauma: from wars, to diseases, to revolts, to inquisitions, to schooling, etc. which aims to disassociate men or women from themselves, therefore losing any sense of real identity, losing any sense of a sane feminine principle, losing any sense of a sane masculine principle. What I see is mutilation taking place, the mutilation of the intellectual self, of the emotional self, of the physical self, of the spiritual self…. indeed individuals (whether they be men or women) are tragically divided against themselves, which eventually is going to manifest in the outer world: women pointing fingers towards men and men pointing fingers towards women… while both ignore that both of them are causing this conflict.

Men against men, women against women… men against women and vice versa. Sure enough it is healthy to find who is manifesting this psychological necrophilia, but it can also transform into a blame game, where the objective is to vindicate a sense of moral superiority and the objective of healing is completely lost and at many times the mad people call others mad… the blind leading the blind… just what the fuck is wrong with us?.

Well look at what happens in modern societies, since birth the process of dissociation begins: the child is born in a hospital and right away is taken away from the mother and I suspect that such a practice can cause a kind of trauma for the child and maybe even the mother. Notice how the emotional bridge is severed right away. Not only that, children also go trough a process of dissociation with their own body. It would seem that it is OK if they play with their bodies for the first months, but there comes a point where the neurotic parents will enter “Big Brother” mode and punish the child for exploring his/her very vehicle of expression, effectively chopping off the contact with sexuality and then people wonder why there is so much sexual depravity.

Then the child grows and he or she is expected to adapt to the rotten expectations of parents and teachers, here you can see the child beginning to adapt to the obnoxious world of social roles. I see this happening with little kids.  Take the example of little girls  that already put on their masks like a pro… the kind of snobbish drama queen. So called grown ups laugh at that… “oh you know, childhood, ha ha ha”… I look mad with horror, mad with horror to see this necrotic transformation taking place within those children and mad with horror at the ignorance and stupidity many “adults”… and you know they claim to “love” them. Can you call that love? letting a necrophiliac persona anchor into them?.

As if all that wasn’t enough then you see people telling other how they should express “their” masculinity or femininity, leaving no room for any authentic expression… something of which Wilhelm Reich would be ashamed of.

The new and improved childhood

So we’ve got the issue of programming, the issue of making people accept artificial personas  and hell, many, many times they are happy to embrace these corrupt archetypes/role models. If people can’t even connect with themselves – for fuck sake, they cannot even connect with their bodies then is it any wonder we see some people imposing their superiority? This is not limited to men over women, you can also see christians over jews, the rich over the poor, the positivists over the realists. A very toxic dissociation takes place beyond this male or female thing.

Then we can talk about emotions, by being emotional do you become weak or do you become empowered? I’d say it depends on the situation… you get sad because someone does not want to go with you to the movie theater? Well that’s idiotic, why should you depend on that approval? Someone gets run over in the middle of the street and you are a witness, all you do is laugh at it or don’t give two fucks… Well wtf! is wrong with you then?!.

So is not just about the emotions themselves, they are natural of course… BUT what emotions are natural? which of them result from programming received by a tube? Do they help you or do they blind you? And you see we’ve got corrupt extremes in this world: Either people are disconnected from them (see the example of children above) or they are being shoved down people’s throats and then they’ll become neurotic fuckers waiting for the next Stalin, the next Obama, the next King, the next Priest who can give them an emotional thrill.


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26 year old interested in psychological, spiritual and esoteric/occult themes.

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  1. Well and you could ask just how many couples bring their babies into this world to allow them to keep sharpening their consciousness. As far as I can tell most people have babies because they are a commodity, something to gossip about, a cool toy… and then you have all this false love bullshit, in reality they just want for their children to fit in and give them satisfactory thrills, because you know, they’ve sacrificed themselves so their children have a good education and a bright future, yeah in exchange for their selfhood and then we call that Love. Fucking madness I say.

  2. Sex is a way to procreate consciousness. We are witnessing the evidence of this natural, healthy dynamic mutilated and twisted to serve our ignorance and the Devils pleasure. In actuality its a gift of experience. I do love the universe. Celibate to pornographic, to the frontal lobes to the repressed back parts of the mind and everything in between. You have to give our species credit for imaginative abominations though. There are so many loops and fuel to be had by this dynamic. Women vs men, sexual identify, religion and cults, repression, schizoid minds, etc….And who really gives a fuck as long as your fucking somehow. In reality its the power of life and the responsibilities of living. I just can’t imagine how anyone in their right mind would want to birth babies into this cesspool of hellspawn mind fuck. Talk about no compassion….

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