For All Those Muslim Lovers

All those politically correct people who think too much of themselves because they are too busy masturbating with delusions of empathy and compassion fail to see the dynamics taking place within societies. All these so called moderate muslims (could be any religion for that matter) are truly irrelevant. They are just peons, useful idiots, lemmings who keep the machine oiled.

Those who cause change (for better or worse) are not “moderate people” “average joes” “normal people” or any other label suggesting a lobotomized sod. Hitler, Mao, Gengis, Lenin, Suleiman weren’t common men. We could argue about who or what was behind them, but that’s beside the point. People with enough brains, ambition and willpower are the shakers and movers of society for better or worse. No one wants to follow a common man, no one gets aroused by Last Men.

So who are the ones who dictate the direction of Islam and its “peaceful” serfs? The extremists, the crazy ones, the bloodthirsty ones, the psychopaths because for all their faults, they have enough Willopower and enough Zeal to become leaders. The “moderate ones” are moderate (irrelevant) for a reason and as their psychological condition befits them, they are just passive observers who go along for the ride.

And what happens once these so called “moderate ones” have been exposed for long enough to the allure of their leaders? San Bernardino happens. Farooq and his repressed wife were “nice muslisms” who all of sudden bursted into flames in a sadomasochistic orgy of bloodlust.

Oh sure we have the priests, the banks, the corporations, the NGO’s and all the evil cabal pushing for those conditions, but the most alarming reality is that people gladly swallow.

The East keeps growing Zealous and Driven warriors while the West keeps growing Beta Lemmings. All your so called compassion and understanding and oneness has given birth to Social Justice Warriors, apologetics, Politically correct weaklings, New Age Fascists, Feminists which in turn has eroded any spirit of resistance even when the invader is at the doors, you will gladly welcome them with open arms because you want to be a shinning example of compassion, you want to prove to your peers how much of a “World Citizen” you are… then you act surprised when you find “moderate muslim” cock in your rear end and your offspring become wives for the bearded savages. Congratulations you just enabled genocide because it didn’t occur to your compassionate heart that the most effective way to destroy an enemy is from within, with few bullets being fired.


About Reaver

26 year old interested in psychological, spiritual and esoteric/occult themes.

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