Mindfuck And The Flyer Mind: Entry 1

The term “Flyer Mind” was used by Don Juan Matus, the Yaqui shaman who taught or tried to teach shamanism to Carlos Castaneda and it is the term I prefer to use to describe an universal phenomenon along with the term: “their mind” since that’s a remark by Don Juan: “They gave us Their Mind

These parasitical entities have been observed through the ages and given different names: Flyers, Their Mind, Archons, Demons, Angels, Shadows, Predator, The Devil.

This is not the same as the Ego, in fact I’d say this is one step beyond the Ego.

Inevitably the contemplation of the Flyer Mind also leads to explore how so called reality can be bended.

The following is a recompilation of my writings on the subject, so at times it may seem incoherent. This is a topic which is inter-related to virtually everything in life, so you will also see that I touch on other subjects.

Word of warning: This is subject which triggers a lot of people, so at times I won’t even reply to avoid this from becoming a mess. The ideas of reality control have nothing to do with new age teachings and very little to do with what most so called teachers promote in the alternative scene. There are fine lines between make believe and practical application. I’d recommend to get acquainted with Vernon Howard’s work to have a solid foundation of “reality hack” and not just make believe to justify a mental stupor. Oh and any personal anecdote of mine will just be used as a point of reference to shed light on the subject, nothing more I’m not looking for virtual hugs nor I desire anybody’s “love & light”. Feedback will suffice.

So here it is, to begin a piece which tries to simplify the matter to have a decent foundation to build on:


You can’t explain the psyche with materialistic science. That’s impossible since science is concerned with the study of the material world, while psychology in concerned with the study of the mental. I know that for a mind which is heavily rational (and I don’t mean it in a bad kind of way) it is almost a heresy to claim that something intangible exists for real, it must be always backed up by science as we know it today.

The concept of “their mind” as Don Juan puts it is not some made up fantasy which denies everything that science has contributed to human progress nor is about turning a blind eye to things like some banking empire nor is it denying the existence of psychopaths looking to practice sadism with the rest of the world. It merely tries to illustrate how most, if not all, the fucked up things in this world are the symptoms of a psychological disease.

Let’s kill the wording “their mind” because it simply gets in the way for most people trying to figure out what the hell some people are talking about. I can understand why such words cause an immediate shut down, after all it almost sounds as if “their mind” was some kind of ghosts busters myth.

Let’s think in more familiar terms. If I were to say that X person is possessed by “their mind” then some people would think I was somehow bringing back some paranoia of the middle ages and I may as well call it a satanic possession, but such conclusion couldn’t be further from the truth.

This person who is “possessed” by this mind virus is someone who has gone through a heavy social conditioning over the years to the extent that this person feels very identified with their programming. In their perception; these mental constructs (which someone else build for them) are what give meaning to their life.

If you try to make this person see the truth behind it, then most likely you’ll get a hostile reaction varying in degree. Some may call you crazy, some may even go as far as killing people who oppose these mental programs. But are they the ones in control? are they actually reacting from a place of authenticity? is it their own rage?

How could it be their own reaction when we have concluded that they are the receivers of a pathological social conditioning? Thus the talk about “their mind”. It is the mental programming doing the reaction masquerading as the real person. I understand this can sound paradoxical as hell because the claim is: That person is going bonkers, we can observe it in his/her reactions, but at the same time it is not really him/her.

But then again we’ve seen what happens when a person starts to recognize these programs and proceeds to remove them and manage to handle the ensuing inner conflict. They start to get better to a degree and even their personal life seems to improve somewhat or at least their psychological life does.

By approaching things from another angle, you could say that the ills of the world are the result of serious psychological trauma. That is not to say that there aren’t bankers looking to enrich themselves and the expense of others, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there messing things up, that doesn’t mean every single adversity in life the common person finds if of their own doing.

All that is being said is that all those predicaments can be traced back to an origin point which is that of a traumatized psyche which in turn creates an environment suitable for sadism and masochism. These conditions then create mental programs which over time can prey on a vulnerable psyche and in turn infect them with either form of pathology. Still sound too hocus pocus? See it from this perspective:

You have a baby who is a blank slate which facilitates the influence of external forces. Most likely the first external influence the baby will come in contact with are his/her parents. Over time the child will absorb any set of values and beliefs that the parents practice and in turn will emulate these values and the health of his/her psyche will be largely determined by these values or parental conditioning.

Let’s say the child has to grow up in a seriously dysfunctional home. The child will be exposed to pathological mental programs that will impact his psyche in different ways. Over time the child may emulate those programs and become a fucked up adult, perhaps he’ll be sadistic or maybe he’ll be so broken that he’ll bend over to anyone who displays enough force. Isn’t his condition the result of social conditioning? can we really says that’s an authentic person? or is it a seriously traumatized psyche doing whatever it takes to survive?

In this example the child has become “possessed” by the pathological mind of his parents. Of course this is just a figure of speech, if you take it that literally then you have some serious rethinking to do. In psychological terms the child has been exposed to a pathological social conditioning for so long that he feels extremely indented with it and acts accordingly.

The child can be guided through a healing process, but only HE can overcome it, there is room only for one. Now the fact than only he can put himself out of such a mess does not equal a negation of the impact that his parents had on him nor their responsibility, nor does it deny his current condition. Yet we can observe that how this person acted out during his/her life was a symptom of these mental programs running in his psyche.

When we try to break this programming don’t we see similar reactions in people who’ve become heavily invested in their conditioning? they deny their pathology, they will fight tooth and nail to preserve the programming alive because they feel naked without it. In other words they are trying to preserve the mind of their programmers alive because it is what gives meaning to their life, by holding into these programs they also guarantee acceptance amongst those suffering from the same pathology so that they don’t become outsiders.

Think about christian programming. Aren’t there mechanisms in place to make the person feel guilty and scared of questioning his values? let alone leave them behind. To use a metaphor: When “their” mind is threatened it will try to preserve itself.

Had the child been out of the influence of his parents social programs then he’d never have to live with a traumatized psyche. Of course this was a simplified example for practical purposes.

We can project this dynamic on the grand scale where there are more factors at play that just parents. Yes a person is under the influence of pathological programs and there are people who propagate them and in who in all like-hood messed up a person in a direct or indirect way, but at the end of the day, it is up to this person to rise, no one else can do it for him, at most guidance and help can be offered.

Don’t TPTB try to shape the world according to their image? to their mental schemas? aren’t they infecting the world with “their mind”? their pathological mind is what paves the way for wars, famines, ponzi schemes and all that, symptoms of their mind. You may be able to mitigate those symptoms, to patch things up for a few decades, but if the root is not dealt with, then those symptoms will resurface sooner or later… maybe they’ll just manifest in different ways.

So again “their mind” is about identifying the psychological roots of this world’s ills. The psyche is the code while the events out there are the output, by studying both you will see a picture of the whole.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know. I’ve been there and still find myself there sometimes. It’s tough to cope with because one day you realize that yes TPTB and everything related to it are harming the world and people suffer, but even then, the real solution lies in each individual taking responsibility which consists in pulling themselves out of the mess they find themselves in even if someone else put them there.


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