Mindfuck And The Flyer Mind: Entry 2

It also has to be acknowledged that “their mind” can be very clever. So clever that it even uses “good” to camouflage itself. Good deeds, pure thoughts, good people, etc.

You can see it happenning in big pictures. Take the example of parents who actually believe that sending their children to school is actually beneficial for their children and if that wasn’t enought they also believe it makes them excellent parents. When you apply the skill of observation you can see that it may feel good, that people may believe it’s beneficial, but actually it is highly toxic.

In this example the cons outweight the pros. Yes, kids may learn to read, write and apply basic arithmetic, but along the way they exchange their potential for the “virtue” of absolute obedience. Of course their mind will seduce people and make them believe it is all for their own good.

There are numerous examples which illustrate how “their mind” uses the concept of good and good feelings to destroy people’s psyche. You can see it on the Alternative Circus too with all the spells the celebreties cast on the faithful ones. It sounds good, it feels good so it must be good and so people consume these products and ideas coming out from “their mind”. You could say people fertilize their psyche and the psyches of their off-spring so that “their mind” can reproduce and thrive.

Now this is not to say that something like altruism is an entirely evil concept nor completely useless, but we have to examine if people are applying this idea for the right reasons. Does it feel good? probably. Should we feel good about helping out other people? I don’t see why not… but answering these kind of questions don’t reveal that much so we have to take a deeper look.

Why do people feel good about it?, What factors influence them?, Who is providing the definition of altruism?, are these good intentions really beneficial? Are they fixing things on the short term? what about the long term?.

Sometimes I’ve found that I did “good deeds” because it was a mechanism to cope with my own anxiety, but “their mind” is clever so I was telling myself cute stories to avoid facing the underlying reasons for my “good deeds”. They had nothing to do with a response, but they had everything to do with a reaction to try to patch a psychological crack and thus their mind kept getting bigger and stronger.

“their mind” really hates exposure and so it uses all sort of tactics to avoid being discovered and if it is discovered then the toxic mind will use a different set of tactics, this time to convince the host that it is in their best interests to keep “their mind” alive and well.

Their mind couldn’t care less about morality, that’s just a concept which serves more as a distraction than anything else. Their mind will use ideas of good and bad alike to infiltrate people’s psyche and so you can see a lot of permutations of their mind: Some people become extremely sadistic, some others go on to live the life of saints and help everyone who looks like are in dire need and so they feed co-dependent relationships. “Their Mind” is flexible and makes use of a big scale of greys so you will see different degrees of toxicity.

One of the main aims of “their mind” is make their programs “normal” and “familiar” so that the hosts don’t question them at all because they are supposed to be a natural component of humanity.

It also has to be understood that the exploration of the artificial mind is NOT about suppressing/killing emotions, in fact doing so only feeds it, rather it is about keeping one’s emotions in check. You accomplish it by putting your own emotions under the lens of your mind to gain a deeper understanding of the human psyche (well that’s one of the methods anyway).

As it has been stated: “Their mind” takes over a person’s psyche and implants a behavioural simulacra. Based on my own experience with it, I’d say this psychological virus makes use of very subtle mechanisms to take over. The damage done to the person varies in degree.

The most disturbing aspect of it is the fact that the artificial psyche goes on self-replicating without much opposition. It is normal, familiar and in its insanity it provides people with a lot of emotional security. A toxic emotional security that is. Some people can become extremely anxious in social situations, other people become anxious by being alone. Some people can become extremely sadistic, some become masochistic. The permutations and degrees of severity of this phenomenon are too many to list.

Again, in no way is this “philosophy” telling people to become emotionless droids. Rather it is telling people to watch out for this virus so that it can be sterilized and the Authentic Psyche can unfold.

Oh and the interactions with “their mind” are far from being pretty.


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26 year old interested in psychological, spiritual and esoteric/occult themes.

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