A blog where I’d like to explore all those ideas, actions, thoughts, archetypes, etc. Which have a deep impact on human consciouness.

A blog where I propose a deconstructive process as a first step in an attempt to identify the root causes of human predicaments. I take this approach because in my view, there is no chance of healing and achieving true spiritual progress without looking at those dark clouds.

At the same time I’ll also explore methods which can help to attain or at least progress when in comes to psychological sanity.

THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS BLOG. In fact I despise ANY and ALL kinds of organized religion.

I don’t claim mastery over any idea that I explore on this blog, I may be able to grasp certain ideas, practices, streams of thought to a certain extent, but by I’m by no means an expert in anything.

All sorts of comments are welcome, no need to be politically correct.

  1. I found your analysis of the film ‘Stone’ very interesting indeed. In many respects I am in a similar predicament to Jack, and your observations rung painfully true.
    Thank you. You have helped motivate me to look more deeply at the real causes of this omnipresent feeling of existential angst.

  2. Phony lying ignorant piece of sht…

  3. Well Reaver, I’ve seen your act on US and you are acting very much like a sycophant and follower of the great Eagle. You have nothing. Get a job.

    • I actually have a job, Pintorider my dear. I see more money in a month than you see in a decade, not bad for a mexican, uh? Kisses and hugs.

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