Recommended Films

This page is dedicated to those films which I consider to carry deeper interpretations than what it’s usually perceived. Whehther they be social critics, esoterism or psychological themes.


This is one of those brilliant films that most people don’t like or find too stupid. At some point in my life, while discovering how things really work in this mad world I kinda fell asleep again. One day I came across this film, thinking it was about something like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It turned out to be much much better than that. This film kicked my arse and i got into the path of seeking once again. After watching this i started to explore the world of esoterica, occultism and spirituality.


Another underrated film because many fail to see the point. Pay attention to the details.

The Fountain

Because Death is the Road to Awe

  1. The thin red line

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