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Thoughts on The Millennial Insanity

I won’t defend the idiocy of the millennial generation, nor claim that they are poor little victims. If anything it should be the generation with least excuses to be idiots, not with all the technological developments and information being just a click away.

Looking at it deeper though, you start to see a pattern, the millennials just being the latest permutation. If you look for social critiques in all ages (whether they are just moralist fools or discerning intellectuals) you notice that in every single generation there are those who are fucked up beyond recognition in every social strata, some are just skewed perceptions, some are spot on. You even start to notice that since time immemorial older generations complain about the younger ones and claim the world is going to end because of the loose morals of younger generations.

Millennials mask their anxiety and emptiness by losing themselves in their smart phones, social media and circles of pseudo-friends. A young man in the middle ages would mask his anxiety and emptiness by praying to god, being a hard worker and drinking into oblivion with pseudo friends. A hippie would do the same by getting stoned, seeking enlightenment and hugging trees.

We are looking at insanity masking itself into whatever activities fit the social paradigm. In the particular case of Milennials they tend to mask their insanity by an extreme degree of narcissism (even though they like to pretend they are down to earth). There was a blogger who said this was the age of Narcissus and he wasn’t wrong about it and just like previous generation they have a bunch of “informed opinions” made even worse by their training at universities and the like.

There is something which actually makes the situation interesting and maybe even a bit scary, it has an expression in all ages, but I think it is more prominent in this Millenial Generation. That is to say, a spirit of rebellion being hi-jacked and redirected into ways of sedation. In principle, the idea of rebellion is fine and dandy even if it starts with little things such as dress code, but the execution is where it fails miserably.

Boris Mouravieff in his book Gnosis talks about a General Law whose function is to keep things in check, while the Law of Exception allows a few to go in the opposite direction, have this in mind.

Years ago I made a remark which suggested the typical perceptions on teenagers were dead wrong. There’s this “common knowledge” which deem teenagers as being out of control because of hormones, it just a phase which has to be quenched… this is major bullshit and our perception has to be re-framed:

The teenager phase (apart from the self-evident biological changes) is actually a natural immune response against the pretensions of society at large. You could say this is when the Law of Exception has its biggest window of opportunity, but it is only an opportunity, not a guarantee. If anything it should be a phase where proper guidance should be given otherwise the rebellion you see in teenagers could go sideways and become self-destructive. The problem is the older generations have already submitted themselves so in turn they seek to quench this Rebellion, most of time it succeeds and the teenager will be reinserted into the matrix and follow the same sad pathetic script everyone else does: Go to college, find a job, get a woman, marry, reproduce, retire, die. A mechanical life.

The milennials are the logical conclusion of the waves of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s all of those characterized for being periods of rebellion (ultimately they failed), we’ve reached an extreme conclusion where entitlement and political correctness are the norm. Just as a rebellious teenager can be re-directed to become a passive consumer of false ideas of rebellion, so can an entire generation.

A generation which in principle had potential to actually become rebellious in a constructive way, ended up being too stupid to recognize how such spirit can be redirected into mindless narcissism. If religion was the drug of choice for the medieval junkie to mask their anxiety; then technology and mass production has become the Millennial junkie drug of choice to mask the same kind of existential anxiety the medieval humans found themselves experiencing.

The logical conclusion for a humanity which has been escaping itself since the time of the Ancients can only be the Milennials. Often times people look at it as if came out of nowhere, but the reality is that it has been building up since long ago, lack of perception is what prevented people from seeing it coming from miles away. Have a closer look, not just at the milennials, but at human generations through history. The closer we have gotten to modern times, the more things there are to lose ourselves in, to hide, to avoid facing the truth about ourselves.

So now the millenials are the generation which has all kinds of shit to try to numb their pain, more than all the previous generation combined: Smartphones, computers, Starbucks, money, fashion, social protests, best sellers, music concerts, drugs, social media, instant friendships, pretentious romances, universities.

The underlying dynamic keeps repeating itself, it has been the same for thousands of years, the only difference being the variety of options which allows us to turn a blind eye.

Sex is the most prominent example so nowadays our obsession expresses itself in two main contradictory forms: Social and religious morality which is ashamed of the human body so we find ways to demonize it and become asexual because we feel uncomfortable being sexual, in an attempt to become asexual we invoke god or we invoke fat acceptance. The other form is that of constant contact with sexual imagery which most of the time never actualises in the life of people so they try to become asexual by limiting their fantasies and impulses to their own imagination.

A millenial finds himself between these two forms. On one hand he is supposed to be proper and restrain his sexuality, dress code and impeccable behaviour is a must, so he would become pretentious and give moral sermons to those women who are attractive and like to show some skin; on the other hand he is supposed to accept the free flow of sexuality, to not be ashamed by the human body, not to be uptight; so then he would accuse others of being sexually repressed snobs living in the past. No one who has both forms hammered into their minds can remain sane for long.

Either extreme they choose to side with ultimately means they are trying to escape from themselves, thus their persona is being overfed which results in something like having a massive obsession with selfies and taking one of those every 10 seconds and uploading it to social media so other broken people can -as the series Mr. Robot puts it- gloat on trivia masquerading as insight:


On Monogamy

Monogamy in itself has never been a real problem. Humans are naturally able to have sex with one or many partners, they can easily have sex with one partner one day and they can have intercourse with twenty the next one. Nature has not imposed any sort of limitations as to how many people we are able to have sex with.

What we should really look at is at what is behind the strongest perception of Monogamy. That takes us to the subjects of morality and the institutions which shape morality. Probably the biggest influence on the idea of morality has been organized religion, an institution made up of schizophrenic and psychopathic (non?) wankers who are disgusted by their own natural impulses.

After thousands of years of social conditioning, society has finally internalized what monogamy should be (hell even some atheists follow protocol). Add to this the influence of the Hyperreality created by the media where everything is glossy and perfect and you end up with a seriously f.ucked up population that couldn’t be bothered to re-evaluate the meaning of Monogamy.

What is Monogamy in its raw form? an erotic/romantic relationship where 2 people agree to become exclusive, nothing more, nothing less. Now that’s fine, but if we want to gain useful insights then we need to dig deeper and look at the reasons as to why people enter into a monogamous relationship.

Well most people are under the spell of cultural Monogamy which has been shaped by organized religions and frustrated conservatives. Most people do it because… well it’s tradition, it’s what everyone does and has been doing for ages…. so we guess we should do it too because…. *brain malfunction, unable to compute more complex ideas*

So most people are recreating a toxic idea without even asking themselves if that’s what they really should be doing. Add to this the fact that a lot of people are highly insecure about themselves (the reasons are beside the point right now) and you get a perfect recipe for glorious disaster.

But if Monogamy is practiced for the right reasons then I think it can be a healthy and wonderful experience. If you have two people who are not needy and with some inner integrity then I don’t see why it couldn’t work. Oh and it helps to draw boundaries since the beginning just to be able to decide if the relationship if for you. Even better if the couple is able to see most soap operas, movies, commercials, etc. for what they are: Delusional Bullshit.

How long should a monogamous relationship last? the toxic institutions would have you believe it is forever and beyond death no matter what, but a healthy person should be able to conclude that they can’t really fix an expiration date. Depending on the attitude of each partner and circumstances beyond each one of them; it may be able to last until a partner dies of old age or maybe it will last a few months or some years. If the couple can make peace with that fact, then I’d say the probabilities for a healthy Monogamous relationship can increase.

Language as Magic

Language is one of my main interests and I do think Language should be studied, not just written or spoken language, there is also emotional language, symbolic language, body language, etc. so please, do have this present in your mind while you read my post.

I can’t stress enough the importance of getting into touch with language, getting to know its impact on consciousness is vital, for knowing language can help you develop immunity towards mad forces: bullies, psychopaths, con artists… even the grand schemes on TPTB (The Powers That Be), not only that but language can also empower yourself or your Self. It is as scientific as it is magical, it can uplift your spirit or it can make you a slave. “Know them by their words”.
In this current plane or layer of existence, language seems to be almost intrinsic to our very being, different sounds put together as to have meaning, from the warrior’s war cry leading his companions into battle, to the sublime poems by Khalil Gibran… from the simple beat of drums to the “classical” masterpieces. It allows us to have common understanding, it allows us to share deep thoughts, it can be a means to carry out your will. A blacksmith uses hammer and anvil to shape his visions into stunning armor, a wordsmith uses language to shape reality.

Sometimes language seems to reasonate with some intuitive understanding, other times it reasonates with toxic programming. Some words seem to be more magical, mystifying, triggering reactions within us almost instantly: Wonder, fear, compassion, love, doubt, suspicion, anger, anxiety, calmness, hope, happiness. Have you noticed the effect those words I used as an example have on you?, what effect would they have if I were to read them aloud for you? what effect would cause if I were to speak them while giving “Wonder” a tone of wonder, “Compassion” a tone of compassion, “Anxiety” an axious tone… you get the idea.

In ancient times those who were masters of language were both respected and feared, I sense a master of language could shape the minds of people… a master of language with enough will could build an empire, it doesn’t have to be a geographical empire, ideological empires exist too, sometimes those ideological empires have gone out to conquer lands and enslave people. A master of language could send echoes which defy time barriers and burn deep into some people as to raise their consciousness, their awareness.

Sadly, this power has been lost to most of humanity, in part due to a psychopathic empire of death, in part due to people’s ignorance or stupidity. The Empire has known that language is capable of making millions bow before a few, it is capable of toppling empires, capable of winning allies, capable of uncovering riches… aye, the empire has known the power of language for millennia at least and it doesn’t want you to use the power of language.

In the Lord of the Rings film -The Two Towers to be precise- there’s a scene where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli enter into the Fangorn Forest to look for Merry and Pippin. At some point they think Saruman is closing on them and Aragorn says: “Do not let him speak, he will put a spell on us”. With all the power Saruman possesses… his mastery of language is what the three heroes fear the most, his incantations which will let him take over their minds.

Saruman the master of grimoires, of spelling, books of spells, spelling is part of grammar. Have a good look at the following video:

(See I think Alan Moore is -at the very least- an expert in some of the different expressions of language.)

Indeed, the architects of the dreamscape, as Jim Keith pointed out:

Here stands the New Man, his mind and body stolen from him, his soul reduced to the impulses of the animal he thinks he is. His conception of reality is a dance of electronic images fired into his forebrain, a gossamer construction of his masters, designed so that he will not under any circumstances perceive the actual. His happiness is delivered to him through a tube or an electronic connection. His God lurks behind an electronic curtain; when the curtain is pulled away we find the CIA sorcerer, the media manipulator, the cyberneticist, the weaver of the Dreamscape.

So you can see the empire knows language can send electronic impulses to people’s brain, this is a more methodological form of sorcery… the use of symbolic language to rape your very consciousness. You are being pulled into an energetic field which the incantations of sorcerers have created:

There are different variants and degrees to this, usually it’s given some mysterious aura, but it’s quite simple once you start to explore it.

Think about mass mind control, people rallying behind a political figure… I’ll use Obama as an example. The guy has charisma and a way with words, combined they can be very powerful because he can tap into the minds and emotions of the common folk, he will use and repeat key words to put people in trance… this is his incantation: “Yes we can”, at first it would seem nothing more than a political slogan, but if you study psychology for a while (no, you don’t need to spend 4 years in some university) you find this little mantra does have power. It targets the expectations of people (hope), it makes them feel ok about a toxic hive mind (we can, we can).

What follows after this whole process is the submission of people’s minds and self-responsibility, now Obama is in charge, he’s become the daddy figure. You can see this same dynamic in organized religions, see catholicism for instance… the priest will give the people an incantation to repeat, say “Our Father”… people repeat this trought their life without giving it any thought, they have surrendered their minds to this symbol of god and guess who controls the symbol? well the ones who are in charge of infecting the world with catholicism.

There are more things which are connected with this, I only gave a narrowed view for practical purposes… for example if you attend to a catholic mass you can see there is a special tone of voice for these incantations, the architecture in temples is specific for it amplifies the voice of the priest and gives it a mystifying aura, repetition is a key element. I’m sure you can see this mind control going on at a catholic mass. In ancient times, some people would call this brainwashing “sorcery” it was a magical term, nowadays there is a more scientific term “mass psychology” or “mass mind control”. I like to work with both magical and scientific terms.

Masses are very ritualistic and magical, in this particular video the priest not only spells phrases, but he goes as far as to sing the spell. This is done because musical language can bypass the logical Self more easily, it is very emotional too so the audience has been hooked. This is done to put you down, to numb your rebellious spirit.

Or you can use language in a passionate and poetic fashion, to raise consciousness, just like Bruce Lee did:

Or even to encourage people to think:




On Anger

This is not a superficial essay which provides easy tips so you can escape Anger, if you are looking for that kind of stuff, then you came to the wrong place.

The way I see it, there are two things that these so called spiritual circles have completely demonized. One is Anger and the other one is Judgement. I’ll only jump into the topic of Anger for now.

I for one don’t subscribe to the “spiritual romanticism” which seems to be a trend within the new age and alternative media circles. In my eyes it is taken to an extreme degree, as in a method to try to escape the pain that living in this cesspool of a world can bring. It is understandable to a degree that people seek to get rid of that pain, it’s not something orgasmic by any means.
Oftentimes Anger is seen as something destructive, even sadistic. Yes it can become a toxic aspect and consume everything around it, there have been and there are people walking the planet who are consumed by this toxic expression and they even drag others down. Perhaps the most common example would be The Powers That Be.

But Anger can be legitimate (at least a large portion is, I suspect). Think about a child who happens to be born into a very neurotic family who forces him/her to do things and conform to norms which kill the healthy rebelliousness and creativity within the child. It is only natural that the child will develop a very legitimate hatred towards the family. Later on the individual in question finds himself/herself at a critical point, yes there is this legitimate Anger, but the established institutions will promote all kinds of methods to pacify this Anger. The individual is then confronted by forces which seem to be far more powerful than him/her, if this person tries to fight those forces then it is very likely that failure will follow and in this current system the idea of survival is being shoved down our throats every passing hour, so it is very likely that the Angry individual comes face to face with the idea and the probability of his/her own demise.

Since this person can’t express that anger towards anyone (even if the targets deserve it) then he/she will project this Anger towards himself/herself. At first this Anger will be nothing more than a burning desire being frustrated, but eventually it will become poison because the person in question doesn’t know how to sublimate it and maybe he/she doesn’t even have available channels to express it. At this critical point Anger can transform into Sadism which can be projected inwardly or it can also be directed at beings which are weaker than the individual in question. There are various degrees to this, from the strict parent to the abusive one.

Ideally there should be available Knowledge which provides ideas as to how transmute this Anger. Sadly most suggestions found within modern society are idiotic ideas which only serve to mask this Anger for a while, from stupid Life Coaching to medications… and then there are these so called spiritual disciplines which fail to provide a proper distillation of the human psyche and you end up seeing people who are desperate to eradicate their mind because someone who is always smiling told them that the root of their suffering is their very mind.

Firstly there should be methods which explore how a person can develop such destructive anger. Thankfully there are a number of those available, two of them being existential psychology and psychoanalysis (when applied properly, of course). When the person understands that not all of his Anger is the result of some boogeyman idea promoted by society, but a legitimate force, he/she can proceed to refine it and find healthy ways of expression and sublimation.

A sublimated Anger can result in a force which seeks to destroy the lies build by TPTB and neurotic societies. The idea of destruction is not a 100% toxic, like Anger, it has healthy elements. This sublimated Anger can lead to the pursuit of Truth and Truth can be a destructive force which shatters the Lie. This in turn can give place to proven or new creative processes to regain sanity and to truly improve the human condition.

Now all this can bring another type of suffering which to me seems to be rooted in Compassion rather than the suffering brought by an Empty Life. You are aware of the pathological forces pushing down your fellow humans and of the creative possibilities. You try to communicate your new discoveries to those who are suffering the symptoms of an Empty Life, only to be rejected and ridiculed.

This is another crucial point, Will and Courage are required so you don’t fall into another toxic loop. If you are not Vigilant enough, you could find yourself in a situation which Erich Fromm described brilliantly… oh and I’ll add a quote by Ayn Rand, which I may be taking out of context since I haven’t read her works and I know she’s a controversial figure:

The thinking child is not antisocial (he is, in fact, the only type of child – or adult – fit for social relationships). When he develops his first values and conscious convictions, particularly as he approaches adolescence, he feels an intense desire to share them with a friend who would understand him; if frustrated, he feels an acute sense of loneliness. (Loneliness is specifically the experience of this type of child – or adult; it is the experience of those who have something to offer. The emotion that drives conformists to “belong” is not loneliness, but fear – the fear of intellectual independence and responsibility. The thinking child seeks equals; the conformist seeks protectors.) — Ayn Rand


The sick individual finds himself at home with all other similarly sick individuals. The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology. The result is that the average individual does not experience the separateness and isolation the fully schizophrenic person feels. He feels at ease among those who suffer from the same deformation; in fact, it is the fully sane person who feels isolated in the insane society — and he may suffer so much from the incapacity to communicate that it is he who may become psychotic. — Erich Fromm

Now on the other hand it’s also important to get acquainted with the idea of Letting Go. As I said Anger can also be toxic and many people on this planet embody the toxic aspects of Anger. Think of someone who gets furious because someone talks nasty things about his persona or about his family, such anger can only be destructive and in fact, it is quite stupid. It only leads to dead ends. I figure it is important to understand why and how this kind of Anger arises so then you can practice methods which focus on getting rid of this toxicity.

The trick comes when you have to decide when to use a peaceful aspect of your very Self or when to use a Fiery aspect.

Not an easy task, especially when you have to live in a world like ours where insanity is the norm.

The Tyranny of The Common Man

The fact of the matter is that moral scum exists on all levels of society, that includes the working class and I couldn’t care less how much someone finds that offensive. When you review history and the more you approach modern times you can notice that many societies (especially the American society) become more permissive. That is to say the are provided with more breathing room by the system and direct coercion by TPTB (The Powers That Be) is not as blatant as it was 500 years ago or a thousand years ago, you know, nowadays you don’t get dragged into a public execution because you spit on the christian god.

I’m not saying there’s no chaos created by big spheres of power, secret or otherwise. In fact I wouldn’t even expect a person who has lived on a war zone all their life to find time to sit down and ponder the things we question, from politics to human consciousness and there are thousands, heck maybe there are millions of people living in those deplorable conditions… but at the same time let’s not forget that there are millions of people who have enough time and more than enough resources to question, research, think and apply knowledge and yet they don’t do it, all they want is that bright star, the career, the degree, the apartment, the prestige.

Has the elite introduced those memes in different cultures? in all probability they did, but who goes on replicating them? do you see legions of soldiers armed to the teeth pointing a gun to people’s foreheads and forcing them to watch TV, find a job, go to school, etc.? Sure enough there are government bodies who will even take your children away if you don’t indoctrinate them, but just ask yourself what kind of people make up those government bodies? aren’t they hard-working people? aren’t they neighbours? aren’t they nice people? yes they are and guess what? they are providing a breeding ground for the elitist vultures who like to shit and feed on them.

“Oh Reaver, please don’t say that. Don’t you see that the common folk have been victimized and brainwashed? is not their fault, they are good people who have been misled”. They have been misled all right, they have been brutalized all right, the elite have their dirty hands on it all right… but ultimately it is you who has to snap out of it. At this point in time people should have enough brain cells to realize that the power elite is never, ever going to reverse the process. People should understand that politics is not going to produce a saviour who takes a country or a continent into paradise, but they refuse to acknowledge it and prefer to have hope for the next term when a better man or woman launches a campaign.
I see it on my personal case, no member of a high sphere of power came and told me how hard they were fucking me, no member of the elite came to me and apologized for what they’ve done and opened my eyes. Not a single member of my family came to me to tell me how my whole life was the result of lies. No teacher of mine told me how the school system was trying to make an obedient drone out of me. No, no, no, I had a feeling that there was something terrible wrong with the versions of the world that I was being presented and I took the ball and ran with it.

If all the average folk are such poor victims then why do they refuse to consider the kind of information which is presented within the alternative media? why would they refuse to consider the possibility that the elite have power on how they live their own life? But you see for most of them the elite are just greedy people who want too much money and power, even though most people couldn’t care less why a human being would like to dominate others, it’s easier to just attribute it to human nature.

The sad truth is that most of the average folk like to b.i.t.c.h. about government and stupid politicians, but if they are presented with a scenario where they have to take total psychological responsibility on their life, then they shit themselves. You see, it’s way easier to wait for the next elections where maybe you’ll find a good political candidate who cares about we the people than questioning the accepted paradigms, removing your psychological crap and try to live your inner convictions to the best of your abilities.

The former only requires obedience, the latter requires true rebelliousness, it brings animosity, it can mean alienation, it can bring pain, it requires deep thought, it can mean tears and even sleepless nights. No wonder many people prefer to take the pill of blissful obedience and duty.

I faced the tyranny of the common man when I was a child and I still have to face it, heck sometimes even to this day despite the progress I’ve made that little duty bullshit kicks in my head and I get all worried, sometimes it’s as if I enter into fucking submit mode and when I look back I’m totally appalled at my own weakness and my own lack of Will, at this point I realize I’m allowing that incessant noise to take control and that equals slapping The Holy Spirit or Self if you will, but I digress.

I think it was like 2 years ago when I was in an ironic situation. I was in an utterly boring sociology class, so I was having some laughs with a classmate and this teacher got upset about it and he made emphasis on this phrase: I’m the authority here. You know what’s the laughable part? the guy is Haitian and his country was ****ed up by… oh yeah authorities. The french raped them, the Spanish raped them and even to this day there are authorities all over the place who keep fucking ’em good. So there you have it, a working class, maybe a middle class teacher who gets high on some authority role and emulates TPTB on a small-scale. You’d think that as sociologist with a cute PhD he would understand that authorities have had and still have a big role in the state of utter decadence of this world.

The fact of the matter is that the average folk provide a breeding ground for the Orwellian structure they find themselves living in. It’s a constant role play between being a sadist and a masochist, that includes all kinds of people from TPTB to the working class and in case you still have a hard time accepting the responsibility that the average human has on the Orwellian paradigm, then you need to explore the work of the likes of Erich Fromm ASAP.

If you happen to live in decent conditions then you can only use the excuse of being brainwashed for so long, because let’s be honest here, you are the one who has to walk the walk. TPTB aren’t going to take your hand and give you freedom and the average folk are too focused on switching roles of sadism and masochism. A “loving” parent will submit to a boss who is a total asshole or submit to a political figure and when he gets home at night he will instill fear in his children, then show them “love” and sacrifice next morning by sending them to school so they can be someone in life one of these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s something easy. In fact I think there’s a lot of work to do and sometimes that old conditioning can kick in and numb you. I’m not saying you should dedicate to this pursuit 24/7 for the rest of your life while you become a bloody hermit who is totally absorbed in knowledge. There’s also the living part… what, listen to some music, write a story, have a laugh, get laid… because even the aspect of enjoying your own life is being quickly erased and the world can be dull enough as it is.


Marriage, a Small Esoteric Perspective

This is a topic which I think is closely related so the subject of Sexuality. In fact I think that marriage as it is known in its conventional forms is a way to corrupt sexuality and make it toxic. In fact I’ll go as far as saying that the idea of a social contract between two, three or forty people is the result of corrupting an esoteric/philosophical theme which is known as the Chymical Wedding in Alchemy. From such point of view, a wedding is nothing more than an allegory for the integration of various principles found within the human being, an individual ceremony, not a collective one.

Bear with me while I try to give a small occult view on the subject of marriage.

In my own experience, I’ve learned that many aspects of the cancerous culture somehow are connected to psychological and occult archetypes, not only that but Archetypes seem to be the very same fabric of reality to some extent. As a human being you are able to tap into those Archetypes and then use them to fulfil whatever purpose you may have.

Somehow Archetypes seem to have a trickle down effect and to some extent they dictate the laws which govern X or Y reality, even your very own life. The problem is that most people are so unaware of it, which is a tragedy because I feel that knowing Archetypes can be very empowering. Think of being a software programmer who bit by bit creates a video game.In order to manifest your world in the digital realm you have to establish certain governing principles, the archetypes of your virtual world, now the example is rather simplistic and in fact, the virtual world is nowhere near as complex as what you would call reality.

And so by having in mind Archetypes we can take a dive into the rabbit hole and bring up the subject of the Alchemical Wedding:

So to me it would seem that the Alchemical Wedding is about working on existent principles within one’s self to attain “perfection” or rather evolve gradually. Somehow this has trickled-down into the cultosphere and we are left with the idea of marriage and its various cultural permutations and apparently the core theme remains the same: The eternal union between male and female (or “till’ death do us part”), the idea of becoming one, the fusion of principles, the aim for androgyny.

I’ve noticed this cultural pattern: While experiencing an orgasm during sex, a feeling of becoming one with your partner takes place. So what I see taking place is a corrupted simulacrum of something very sacred, perhaps there is a natural longing for an Alchemical marriage, but by being blinded by ignorance and stupidity, humans buy the fake and the corrupt which can never fill that spiritual void and of course the social engineers and the occult sorcerers have a hand in all of this.

Marriage was -and still is in some cases- a strategic tool in the grand game of chess, let’s look at the upper class of old: Arranged marriages to consolidate alliances, to consolidate trade, to preserve royalty, to achieve political victories, etc. If you pay attention for a bit you’ll realize that this pattern was/is all over the place, as in all over the planet, isn’t it curious? Yes, marriage as a means to attain power, to bind, to trap people into a social contract. Oh but you see, this social contract has been romanticized through the ages, such romantic crap reached the masses over and over again. It is not uncommon that many times the masses long to become the elite, they want a taste of such… wonderful and fantastic world, so the social engineers noticed what the common folk craved for and granted the masses their wish to a certain extent.

At first the masses could seek a religious contract, nothing fancy but it was a step. Little by little the social engineers went shaping the cultural cancers and we arrive at this day and age. If you have the money, you too can have a marvellous marriage: The wedding, the honey moon (which is an occult theme, just don’t ask me right now what it means because I forgot), the house, the kids, THE HAPPY LIFE UNTIL YOU DROP DEAD. The media will come with the smoke and mirrors and sell you pre-packaged lies.

“A diamond is forever” so is love and so is marriage. Have you noticed the sorcery in this? Identification works wonders, especially when you can manage the way in which the masses identify themselves with X idea or object. You see, on a very superficial level De Beers was on a marketing mission, to make a large profit with their glorified diamonds… but the deeper aim of this marketing campaign was to put a spell on the masses, social engineering in action, make people buy into and believe the beautiful lies.

The aim of Alchemy is to turn lead into gold. One of the necessary elements to achieve such transformation is the Alchemical Marriage or Chymical Wedding. interestingly enough “lead into gold” is interchangeable with “coal into diamond”, and thus the occult message of De Beers is: “We can give you an Alchemical Wedding”. Turn base elements into precious metals… indeed the subtextual message of transmutation is present here. Turn the base impulses or “the lower nature” of humans into a “higher nature”, the awakening of the sky woman or sky man within. Countless dying beings trying to rise by buying a simulacrum of the real thing, a real shame.

From a psychological point of view it’s not surprising to see marriages fail, I mean the couple or the group could live under the same roof until they die, but it’ll be a meaningless existence, automatons carrying out their duty which is dictated by some twisted social morality and decency. If two or more dissociated beings who are unaware and/or uninterested in eliminating the toxicity within their psyche start a relationship then I’d say such relationship will become cancer sooner or later.

I figure those kind of people lack what I’d call an aunthentic Self, product of deprogramming and self-contemplation and they would be quick to adopt what is socially acceptable or cool, thus creating a pseudo-self. However those cool and acceptable memes are the product of social engineers who lack any inner integrity, so people would be adopting lies which have their root in fragmented psyches. A being living with cracks in his/her psyche is doomed to self-destruct in multiple ways if he/she doesn’t start to counter the programming and build psychological immunity accordingly.

All in all, modern men and women have marriage as a mask to try to cover their existential angst with dreams of ever lasting happiness and fake love.


This is a topic which has interested me for quite some time, not just about matters of male or female nor senseless sex. What really interests me is the deeper aspect and the impact sexuality has on human beings. From the potential to use it as a tool for fear and repression to the potential of living a calm life and even improving your health.

The very cosmos seems to carry sexuality in its very fabric. Isn’t a big bang something akin to a cosmic orgasm? the universal womb dancing along the universal light? something like that.

Anyways my first entry on this subject will focus more on the aspect of sexual abuse/repression.

The way I see it sexual abuse is deeply related to a master-slave relationship. Sexual abuse could be seen as someone forcing another person into sexual activities without their consent or it could be seen as someone trying to control/repress the sexuality of another person. The latter seems to play a big role within families.

I highly recommend the film “Black Swan” because it represents these dynamics in a brilliant manner and I mean the repression and overstimulation of sexuality.

What should be understood is that this can be described as a complex matter. It becomes complex when you start to look beyond the “what happened” and you start to explore the why, the who, the how, the when, etc. In this exercise you will find this goes way further than sexual predators and mere superficial cultural ideas, the monster is a giant octopus, each tentacle is a different area of study.

There are two things which should be core principles when studying the predator mindset and I’m not limiting this to sexual predation. You’ve got this mindset in the workplace, family, sports, religions. Basically the whole culture is frankeinsteined into different types of predators.

Anyways those two core principles are the human psyche and psychopathy. The former will help you understand how you can mold or even make other people follow certain patterns, while the latter can help you understand how this mindsets are set into motion and in fact the person in question doesn’t even have to be a full-blown psychopath to replicate this behaviour.

It should be understood that sexual energy is really powerful, this energy can be used to create healthy bonds or you can use it to literally start a world war. Let’s observe Nature for a while, think of rivers. Rivers have a natural flow, gradually they go on finding their way towards the ocean or a lake.

The time the river transforms or arrives at the ocean or lake could be seen as a moment when the river discharges its energy, this flow may change at some point, but usually it happens at a gradual pace unless the flow is disrupted by some “natural disaster” or if humans come in.

Humans have the ability to distort a river’s natural flow, at times you’ll see this flow being redirected into a dam. For a long time this process may seem harmless, but there are times when things go wrong and you’ll see the mighty dams being destroyed by rivers, this is a consequence of disrupting a natural flow.

Likewise sexual energy is tampered with. There are institutions which will launch their cultural memes to distort this flow and there can also be people who mindlessly adopts these memes. In modern society you can see two main ways to tamper with this energy, one is to repress it and the other one is to overcharge it.

If this energy is repressed for a long enough period of time, then you can see people who gradually start to become neurotic, anxious and very stressed. In fact the body starts to get very tense and it can be quite difficult to relax it. If you want to study cases which are even more extreme, then take a look at armed forces.

You take young men and women and prohibit them to exhibit or engage in any type of sexual activity. The result? extremely stressed men and women who can’t channel this sexual energy in a healthy way, stressed beings who then will be given missions to murder people and they will do it because to an extent it is a way to channel this energy, as toxic as this process may be. In a nutshell you produce people who are very submissive, yet extremely violent if they are put into a dangerous situation.

On the other hand you can overcharge the body with this energy and find release into extreme sexuality. People who go through this process can become quite rebellious, but very aggressive. It is this overstimulation which can lead to machismo, people who won’t bent the knee but will seek to put everyone else down. This is akin to a flood which can destroy a dam, water pouring out from every angle.

Both of these dynamics can produce fascist dictators, some occupy positions of tremendous power. Other’s don’t, but can be found in the average family. One of the problems with modern culture is that both paradigms are being used as ideological bombs, people are encouraged to repress their sexual energy while at the same time they are encouraged to take it to the extreme. Some people are more brutalized than others, but this dynamic seems to be the norm. On the other hand repression or overstimulation can result in self-sadism and/or sadism towards other beings.

Sexual repression was and still is one of the factors for the out of control anxiety of humanity

Then you can get into the subject of psychopathy. I’d say a great number of these “people” do discharge their energy and aren’t sexually repressed, but since the predator mindset is very “natural” to them, this energy will be taken to the extreme. Perhaps one of the best examples of “sexual psychopathy” is found in the man who was known as the Marquis de Sade: These people prey at every level of society, from the poor environments to the mega rich environments. There’s no remorse which can hold down these monsters.

Now you could argue about doing an extensive background check and applying punishment to offenders, sexual or otherwise. But this is a tricky area and certainly is one which baffles me when people start to support either of these methods.

You can find yourself in a very precarious situation. Demanding extensive background checks and punishment result in societies who become very paranoid, these kind of mindsets are what lead people to accept Orwellian paradigms and in fact they can splinter communities because no one can trust each other anymore and there are powers who are happy to see this happening and then comes their propaganda machines to further divide society into paranoid groups.

You could also argue that physical punishment is necessary, including dead. But let’s not be quick to forget history. Certainly people would restrain themselves more out of fear, but this sort of practice is something which leads to inquisitions where guilty and innocent people are hanged, burned, chopped, crippled and murdered all the same.

There are powers who would like to see lustful crowds demanding blood in the name of justice, a nice decapitation makes a nice sadistic circus in the city square. I also notice a curious pattern, while some people in the world would like to demand punishment, they think: “Well the system should do it, someone should take care of it”. It is one thing to demand third-party executioners, but being honest who would have the courage and cold blood to administer punishment?

Now I’d like to make this very personal, let’s say someone is set to be publicly executed, whether this person is innocent or not is immaterial, since you are highly convinced of their culpability. So you find yourself demanding justice, but would you walk into the execution spot, look this person into the eyes, let them tell you their story and the proceed to shot them dead, cut their head, slit their throat or whatever while you keep staring into a pair of eyes?.

There are fine lines when it comes to this, the only exception being psychopaths, but they can be hard to spot at times and next thing you know you could have executions under the pretext of “war on psychopathy”. The road is steep.

If you ask me I’d say sexuality is a core element to have a sane psyche and if you pay attention you’ll notice that sexuality is deeply rooted into humanity’s state of decay. The tricky part comes when you try to balance this energy.

On Letting Go

Letting go is a common idea within some spiritual disciplines and some so-called spiritual disciplines, it’s also a popular idea within the alternative media scene. From what I’ve seen, it is something that many people who are interested on this idea fail to understand, mainly because they try to force this experience in one fell swoop or because they try to become their guru or emulate someone else.

I feel it’d be way more easy for people to grasp this idea intellectually and also start to actually letting go if they would focus on getting rid of social conditioning first and foremost.

I think this can be something which can be given a really deep analysis with many factors meeting at some point. Right now I’ll just make a brief exploration of some of its layers.

As I said, getting rid of social conditioning in a gradual manner can be very helpful and the following should be contemplated:

We are being attacked, by different means. Attacks which target different dimensions of our Self, sometimes they may attack multiple dimensions. Seemingly there is a double think tactic being used against us and to some extent we go on replicating it.


Theories of evolution are in conflict with religious ideas, yet you are being asked to believe in both. But you must not try to solve this conflict, experts in each field will do it for you.

We are being oversexualised by the current out of control narcissistic culture. Since you are a little kid you are being invited to enter sex… yet there are social, religious, and political views which demonize sex, any and all forms of sexual expression are quickly suppressed. Both narratives clash within us and yet we are deemed too stupid to figure it out for ourselves, so the establishment will take care of it.

We are being told how politics is flawed and needs reform while at the same time the cultural spheres will encourage you to worship key politicians as all-mighty godly saviours. You are not supposed to ask why.

We are being told to be against any and all forms of violence, yet you are encouraged to support legal mercenaries in their patriotic mass murder missions. You need no wonder why, it’s the way it is.

So you see, the establishment uses this form of conflicting dialectic to obfuscate and confuse the “unworthy”, it get’s even more nasty because both sides of the dialectic are usually full of shit. This dynamic is repeated over and over again – it has been going on for what? millennia? millions of years?- to the point where severe trauma is created within the tormented individual, the repetition of this practice so frequent that at some point the population will just go on replicating it. Indeed the prisoners watch the prisoners, no one trusts each other… the prisoners themselves will at times crush rebellions which may arise from within their own ranks. Pretty pathetic and sad.

To a large extent this stuff creates a heavy inner conflict and people just go trough life completely unaware of their inner predicament, not to mention that people on this planet are on survival mode even if they don’t really need it, one of the reasons for an out of control ego… Indeed making peace with death can be effective for healing, but I may be digressing here.

The emotional part is crucial to understand, again you have a dialectic where people are bombarded with emotional garbage while at the same time they are encouraged to be heartless drones seeking success. Isaac Asimov was a sci-fi writer, but in his Foundation series he created a character called “The Mule”. Some hideous thing and extremely weak in physical terms, but this character had an overwhelming power. He could control the emotions of other beings at will, not even their thoughts, but their emotions. So powerful this tool was that this weakling went on to build a galactic empire.

What’s worse in all of this is that the system doesn’t care about people’s emotional well-being, but it’ll pretend it does so you are provided with psychiatrists and pseudo-psychologists. People who are a mess themselves and who think that helping you to re-adapt to the system is the answer.

Getting rid of emotional baggage is crucial, it even takes a toll on the physical body to a lesser or greater degree. If you observe for a while you’ll notice your body gets tense and your minds tries to shut itself down whenever a link with some disturbing experience is established. Sometimes in can be really difficult to relax your body if you don’t pay attention to this stuff.

Getting into a deeper layer:

It has to be understood that there is something very real which is called over-identification with X idea, object, belief system. There are different degrees and scales to this phenomenon, for example the scientific paradigm is highly materialistic. For modern science the physical body is the beginning at the end, there’s nothing beyond an ephemeral physical existence, the complexity of the human organism and human behaviour are the result of random arrangements of unintelligent atoms. This in turn can cause people to be very anxious and scared about death and in a sense they enter into survival mode.

You can also see people who worry a lot about what other people think about themselves, sometimes this is taken to soap opera extreme where person A knows that B knows that C knows that D knows. Basically people start to become paranoid and see everyone else as the enemy who is constantly plotting against them, the reach of this paranoia is really big, I mean modern society is strongly based on this. When you contemplate this phenomenon you can realize that this is nothing more than mere mind games with one’s self, a play between one’s own insecurities. Most of the time there’s nothing going on with other people and even if they were thinking ugly things about you… what does it matter? But then you have a problem… most people know that A knows that B knows that C knows, ad infinitum.

Basically there’s a sense of false identity which at first is created by a neurotic society and its cultural paradigms, a constant rain of external stimuli where self-contemplation is seen as stupid and cheesy. This is something which many teachers have missed in ages past, not so much because they were oblivious to it, but because there was a lack of terminology. This is where psychology comes in and the process of getting to know those artificial and useless concepts/ideas becomes easier. It is much more easier when psychology is implemented than when you just go to some far away eastern land and sit with some teacher and become extremely frustrated because you don’t have a liberating experience.

Now you have to be careful when you talk about identification with the mind and body, I think the term over-identification is better suited to describe it. What some teachings seek to communicate is that your body is not the ultimate reality and that your mind is just one of the aspects of Self, but it is out of control. This is where the western esoteric tradition works for me because it is known that your body is the tomb of your soul, yet it is extremely sacred. Meaning that your body is very useful because it is a means to perfect your “higher aspects”. In the western tradition it is idiotic to think the body is the ultimate aspect of humans and at the same time it is idiotic to see the human body as something useless.

There can also be fine lines in the idea of letting go. You could “let go” of everything and become a cold being or you could “hold” everything dear to you and become someone who is obsessed and neurotic. So along the way you have to develop a sort of extra-sensorial skill where you will know what are the things that you must let go and what other things are important to hold close. There are degrees to this because sometimes a certain perception can be really useful for a certain length of time, but there comes a time when this sane experience may become cancer.

Now you must not confuse letting go with escapism, it is one thing to let go of things because you have an understanding of them and their effects and it’s something completely different to pretend there’s nothing holding you down. By the same token it is one thing to embrace ideas or things because you have an understanding and it is something completely different to embrace things because you are trying to fill some void. Again there are fine lines in all of this and ultimately it’s up to the individual to get attuned to all of this.

As for my earlier remark about Death:

Now that’s a way to see Death and I find it to be true, but there are layers to this. In the western esoteric tradition it is known that in a sense Death is a means towards evolution. Everything in the Cosmos seems to go through Death. Things die because only then can consciousness adopt new forms of expression to evolve. An apple seed contains the potential the become a big tree, yet there’s a sort of Omega point within the tree form and so it must die so it can adopt a higher and better form. So the seed of an apple which eventually becomes a tree can become a human and Death is the portal between one form and the other. So you see getting to know the dynamics of Death can also help you to become saner, just as realizing that to an extent you are never born… at least not in the conventional sense which has been fed to humanity through history.

Is Humanity Becoming More Peaceful or Violent?

Probably the common conception in the world at large (including some sectors/people within the alternative media scene) is that violence is a problem which is being tackled. Perhaps many people would have a very stereotypical conception of violence where the images they see whenever they hear the term “violence” would be in the physical sense, but I think the issue is much deeper and complex.

You have to consider that physical violence is just one form of abuse and for me it is very interesting to see that when the word “violence” is thrown a lot of people think of physical violence taken to the extreme: wars, beat downs, riots, murders, rape and what have you. There are various degrees of physical violence, from the angry parent hitting his/her children because they are being somewhat hyperactive to the cold murder of humans or animals for whatever reason… and you know I think the general consensus trance is fucked up. Blowing up thousands of people seems to be horrible, but giving slaps to children because they don’t follow neurotic rules… well that seems to be ok, we’ll tolerate that.

Then we have emotional violence, think psychopaths taking advantage of emotional vulnerabilities or pedantic teachers ridiculing students because they can’t or don’t want to repeat things like a parrot. we could also get into the phenomenon of machismo.

There is something else which I consider emotional violence and that is what the entertainment industry does at large, which is the bombardment of the emotional self. Just look at the chick flicks, for instance, or at the rambo macho man series or at the idiotic romance songs where you have to cry because your boyfriend or girlfriend left you. Very messed up and if you happen to be the average guy or the average girl in a western society… well imagine a mixture of emotional violence: On one side you are meant to play tough, the serious person who gets down to business and on the other you are being fed a never-ending series of emotionally loaded bullshit.

Perhaps we can also get into spiritual or psychic violence, you know cut someone’s contact with their true Self, don’t allow people to really find authentic expressions of themselves, oh but every other human who is programmed will make sure to tell you: “just be yourself”, the media will come and offer you endless personas and the scientists will enter the fray to let you know that every single thought or voice that you hear in you head belongs to you.

Let’s look at sexual repression for a while… ever wonder why there are so many people with sexual anxiety? ever wonder why there is so much sexual abuse towards people of all ages? and have in mind that sexual abuse doesn’t necessarily mean rape. This issue about sexual repression is interesting because it shows you how physical repression can lead to chaos on the emotional and psychic Selves. Well physical violence has such an effect if it is practiced constantly.

So yes, apparently extreme physical violence has been reduced, maybe we’ll be seeing less and less in the future… but we need to ask: WHY AND HOW?. What are the driving forces which seemingly are eroding physical violence?. Is it the “good nature” of human beings? is it that humans are finally discussing before throwing punches? is intelligence actually increasing?… or is it due to the new – or not so new – ways of repression? is it because nowadays the masses can be provided with more bread and circuses and miracles than ever before? is it because the scientists and big pharma have the answer for the problems which assault human beings day in and day out? have they found a cure for rage, sadness, depression, etc. in the form of small pills and capsules?

“Here Mr. take 3 capsules every morning, and you’ll be an ever smiling and succesful being!”. Maybe the state has more prisons, bigger and better than ever before so the criminals can be locked up and be kept away from the good Samaritans, perhaps the governments around the world can provide more police officers to patrol the streets and neighbourhoods while at the same time they keep the thugs far away… hey maybe the brave armies of the most powerful countries are indeed bringing peace, you know, maybe the deaths of those ugly and nasty terrorists do make the world a safer and better place.

I’d say it has little to do with the fact that some people are snapping out of it and are evolving. I’d say there are more “miracles”, more entertainment, more prisons, more effective “watch agencies”. Heck just look at mass media. Don’t the big media outlets perpetuate a form of violence? doesn’t the existence of such outlets and their practices tell us something about violence on multiple levels?.

I feel humanity at large is in a stage of social experimentation, a social experiment which to me seems to be leading humanity into a mixed existence between “THX 1138” and “Gattaca”.

So I would say violence is actually increasing, not so much in the physical realm, but certainly the emotional and psychic realms are getting more and more toxic.

So no, sadly violence is not eroding, I’d say this: We have more masks for violence than ever before.

If humanity at large is ever gonna change for the better, then what “we” need are rebels and wise people, not masses of goody two shoes who smile because that is the polite thing to do.

Have in mind that this is a layer or layers of the problem, some of the themes I presented can be explored further and I have found that those are very fine lines at times, I’d like to share an interview with Michael Tsarion which I think is very relevant to this entry:

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