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The Tyranny of The Common Man

The fact of the matter is that moral scum exists on all levels of society, that includes the working class and I couldn’t care less how much someone finds that offensive. When you review history and the more you approach modern times you can notice that many societies (especially the American society) become more permissive. That is to say the are provided with more breathing room by the system and direct coercion by TPTB (The Powers That Be) is not as blatant as it was 500 years ago or a thousand years ago, you know, nowadays you don’t get dragged into a public execution because you spit on the christian god.

I’m not saying there’s no chaos created by big spheres of power, secret or otherwise. In fact I wouldn’t even expect a person who has lived on a war zone all their life to find time to sit down and ponder the things we question, from politics to human consciousness and there are thousands, heck maybe there are millions of people living in those deplorable conditions… but at the same time let’s not forget that there are millions of people who have enough time and more than enough resources to question, research, think and apply knowledge and yet they don’t do it, all they want is that bright star, the career, the degree, the apartment, the prestige.

Has the elite introduced those memes in different cultures? in all probability they did, but who goes on replicating them? do you see legions of soldiers armed to the teeth pointing a gun to people’s foreheads and forcing them to watch TV, find a job, go to school, etc.? Sure enough there are government bodies who will even take your children away if you don’t indoctrinate them, but just ask yourself what kind of people make up those government bodies? aren’t they hard-working people? aren’t they neighbours? aren’t they nice people? yes they are and guess what? they are providing a breeding ground for the elitist vultures who like to shit and feed on them.

“Oh Reaver, please don’t say that. Don’t you see that the common folk have been victimized and brainwashed? is not their fault, they are good people who have been misled”. They have been misled all right, they have been brutalized all right, the elite have their dirty hands on it all right… but ultimately it is you who has to snap out of it. At this point in time people should have enough brain cells to realize that the power elite is never, ever going to reverse the process. People should understand that politics is not going to produce a saviour who takes a country or a continent into paradise, but they refuse to acknowledge it and prefer to have hope for the next term when a better man or woman launches a campaign.
I see it on my personal case, no member of a high sphere of power came and told me how hard they were fucking me, no member of the elite came to me and apologized for what they’ve done and opened my eyes. Not a single member of my family came to me to tell me how my whole life was the result of lies. No teacher of mine told me how the school system was trying to make an obedient drone out of me. No, no, no, I had a feeling that there was something terrible wrong with the versions of the world that I was being presented and I took the ball and ran with it.

If all the average folk are such poor victims then why do they refuse to consider the kind of information which is presented within the alternative media? why would they refuse to consider the possibility that the elite have power on how they live their own life? But you see for most of them the elite are just greedy people who want too much money and power, even though most people couldn’t care less why a human being would like to dominate others, it’s easier to just attribute it to human nature.

The sad truth is that most of the average folk like to b.i.t.c.h. about government and stupid politicians, but if they are presented with a scenario where they have to take total psychological responsibility on their life, then they shit themselves. You see, it’s way easier to wait for the next elections where maybe you’ll find a good political candidate who cares about we the people than questioning the accepted paradigms, removing your psychological crap and try to live your inner convictions to the best of your abilities.

The former only requires obedience, the latter requires true rebelliousness, it brings animosity, it can mean alienation, it can bring pain, it requires deep thought, it can mean tears and even sleepless nights. No wonder many people prefer to take the pill of blissful obedience and duty.

I faced the tyranny of the common man when I was a child and I still have to face it, heck sometimes even to this day despite the progress I’ve made that little duty bullshit kicks in my head and I get all worried, sometimes it’s as if I enter into fucking submit mode and when I look back I’m totally appalled at my own weakness and my own lack of Will, at this point I realize I’m allowing that incessant noise to take control and that equals slapping The Holy Spirit or Self if you will, but I digress.

I think it was like 2 years ago when I was in an ironic situation. I was in an utterly boring sociology class, so I was having some laughs with a classmate and this teacher got upset about it and he made emphasis on this phrase: I’m the authority here. You know what’s the laughable part? the guy is Haitian and his country was ****ed up by… oh yeah authorities. The french raped them, the Spanish raped them and even to this day there are authorities all over the place who keep fucking ’em good. So there you have it, a working class, maybe a middle class teacher who gets high on some authority role and emulates TPTB on a small-scale. You’d think that as sociologist with a cute PhD he would understand that authorities have had and still have a big role in the state of utter decadence of this world.

The fact of the matter is that the average folk provide a breeding ground for the Orwellian structure they find themselves living in. It’s a constant role play between being a sadist and a masochist, that includes all kinds of people from TPTB to the working class and in case you still have a hard time accepting the responsibility that the average human has on the Orwellian paradigm, then you need to explore the work of the likes of Erich Fromm ASAP.

If you happen to live in decent conditions then you can only use the excuse of being brainwashed for so long, because let’s be honest here, you are the one who has to walk the walk. TPTB aren’t going to take your hand and give you freedom and the average folk are too focused on switching roles of sadism and masochism. A “loving” parent will submit to a boss who is a total asshole or submit to a political figure and when he gets home at night he will instill fear in his children, then show them “love” and sacrifice next morning by sending them to school so they can be someone in life one of these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s something easy. In fact I think there’s a lot of work to do and sometimes that old conditioning can kick in and numb you. I’m not saying you should dedicate to this pursuit 24/7 for the rest of your life while you become a bloody hermit who is totally absorbed in knowledge. There’s also the living part… what, listen to some music, write a story, have a laugh, get laid… because even the aspect of enjoying your own life is being quickly erased and the world can be dull enough as it is.



A Few Thoughts on Objectivity and Subjectivity

As far as I can discern our very existence already brings the dialectic of subjectivity and objectivity into the fray. To say that there’s absolute objectivity is stupid and the same applies if you go on to claim that there’s absolute subjectivity. The tricky part comes when you try to tell them apart and integrate them in a coherent and healthy whole.

You’d find objectivity in things such as gravity, the anatomy of the human body, the water cycle, chemical elements, etc. To argue against their existence is just plain stupid and they don’t cease to exist just because you are unaware of them. Something interesting happens then, subjectivity comes into play when you experience those objective elements from different points of view.

An anatomist may smile by studying the human biology from a deceased body in his laboratory while another person may find it repulsive (yet the core elements of the human body do not adjust to their subjectivity), A couple may enjoy the human anatomy while they have sex while someone else may be terrified at the idea of exploring another human being’s anatomy in such playful manner; A little girl may smile while she’s under the rain, finding herself under the spell of rain which is part of the objective water cycle.

You’ll find subjectivity in music, poetry, painting, architecture, etc. Would Mozart or Beethoven have been considered two of the greatest music composers to ever exist if subjectivity didn’t exist? Would Salvador Dali have been considered a genius if subjectivity was not real? And then something magical happens because people like these also depend on objective phenomenons, objects or ideas. Antonio Gaudi could never had solidified his works without gravity, Mozart would have been dull had he only paid attention to the musical scale in a mechanistic way with zero passion. You could take the dynamic further and you’d realize that neither of these geniuses of subjectivity would have had such an impact without the objective water cycle.

This goes even further because then you could ask if materializing subjective ideas is sane, you could ask if studying a hurricane (a product of objective forces) up-close in a sensible thing to do. The current system is a product of human subjectivity by far, yet it is far from being a sane system. You could live in an area with beautiful vistas, but what happens if that area happens to have frequent and very strong earthquake activity?

By the same token you could develop subjective systems for the betterment of your Self. Music could be something inspiring, a tool for healing perhaps. Studying the biology found within the planet and its cycles may allow you to have a more comfortable life style and even eradicate superstitious views which hinder your progress.

Oh you could also explore the reach of subjectivity and objectivity. Gravity ceases to exist once you leave the planet and the degree is different depending on what planetary body you find yourself on/in. Curiously enough you can’t beat gravity, but you can work your way around it. Think about generating enough force to oppose gravity, you’d find yourself flying or floating as long as you can generate enough energy to oppose gravity. Subjectivity can be very real in your mind, but what does it take to solidify some or all of those subjective ideas? what obstacles are there?

So I say it’s a dance between these two polarities, they are a dialectic, sometimes the dance is very obvious, sometimes it can be very subtle. Sadly this world has been so fucked up that there are people who are obsessed with subjectivity and there are also people who only worship objectivity, they seek to create a dichotomy of toxic elements, instead of trying to establish a healthy dialectic. It’s just as appalling as those people who are obsessed about having a life solely guided by either the heart or the brain, it escapes them that the body is a whole system… sure the brain and heart are major centers, but where the heart and brain would be without stomach, liver, lungs or pancreas?


On Letting Go

Letting go is a common idea within some spiritual disciplines and some so-called spiritual disciplines, it’s also a popular idea within the alternative media scene. From what I’ve seen, it is something that many people who are interested on this idea fail to understand, mainly because they try to force this experience in one fell swoop or because they try to become their guru or emulate someone else.

I feel it’d be way more easy for people to grasp this idea intellectually and also start to actually letting go if they would focus on getting rid of social conditioning first and foremost.

I think this can be something which can be given a really deep analysis with many factors meeting at some point. Right now I’ll just make a brief exploration of some of its layers.

As I said, getting rid of social conditioning in a gradual manner can be very helpful and the following should be contemplated:

We are being attacked, by different means. Attacks which target different dimensions of our Self, sometimes they may attack multiple dimensions. Seemingly there is a double think tactic being used against us and to some extent we go on replicating it.


Theories of evolution are in conflict with religious ideas, yet you are being asked to believe in both. But you must not try to solve this conflict, experts in each field will do it for you.

We are being oversexualised by the current out of control narcissistic culture. Since you are a little kid you are being invited to enter sex… yet there are social, religious, and political views which demonize sex, any and all forms of sexual expression are quickly suppressed. Both narratives clash within us and yet we are deemed too stupid to figure it out for ourselves, so the establishment will take care of it.

We are being told how politics is flawed and needs reform while at the same time the cultural spheres will encourage you to worship key politicians as all-mighty godly saviours. You are not supposed to ask why.

We are being told to be against any and all forms of violence, yet you are encouraged to support legal mercenaries in their patriotic mass murder missions. You need no wonder why, it’s the way it is.

So you see, the establishment uses this form of conflicting dialectic to obfuscate and confuse the “unworthy”, it get’s even more nasty because both sides of the dialectic are usually full of shit. This dynamic is repeated over and over again – it has been going on for what? millennia? millions of years?- to the point where severe trauma is created within the tormented individual, the repetition of this practice so frequent that at some point the population will just go on replicating it. Indeed the prisoners watch the prisoners, no one trusts each other… the prisoners themselves will at times crush rebellions which may arise from within their own ranks. Pretty pathetic and sad.

To a large extent this stuff creates a heavy inner conflict and people just go trough life completely unaware of their inner predicament, not to mention that people on this planet are on survival mode even if they don’t really need it, one of the reasons for an out of control ego… Indeed making peace with death can be effective for healing, but I may be digressing here.

The emotional part is crucial to understand, again you have a dialectic where people are bombarded with emotional garbage while at the same time they are encouraged to be heartless drones seeking success. Isaac Asimov was a sci-fi writer, but in his Foundation series he created a character called “The Mule”. Some hideous thing and extremely weak in physical terms, but this character had an overwhelming power. He could control the emotions of other beings at will, not even their thoughts, but their emotions. So powerful this tool was that this weakling went on to build a galactic empire.

What’s worse in all of this is that the system doesn’t care about people’s emotional well-being, but it’ll pretend it does so you are provided with psychiatrists and pseudo-psychologists. People who are a mess themselves and who think that helping you to re-adapt to the system is the answer.

Getting rid of emotional baggage is crucial, it even takes a toll on the physical body to a lesser or greater degree. If you observe for a while you’ll notice your body gets tense and your minds tries to shut itself down whenever a link with some disturbing experience is established. Sometimes in can be really difficult to relax your body if you don’t pay attention to this stuff.

Getting into a deeper layer:

It has to be understood that there is something very real which is called over-identification with X idea, object, belief system. There are different degrees and scales to this phenomenon, for example the scientific paradigm is highly materialistic. For modern science the physical body is the beginning at the end, there’s nothing beyond an ephemeral physical existence, the complexity of the human organism and human behaviour are the result of random arrangements of unintelligent atoms. This in turn can cause people to be very anxious and scared about death and in a sense they enter into survival mode.

You can also see people who worry a lot about what other people think about themselves, sometimes this is taken to soap opera extreme where person A knows that B knows that C knows that D knows. Basically people start to become paranoid and see everyone else as the enemy who is constantly plotting against them, the reach of this paranoia is really big, I mean modern society is strongly based on this. When you contemplate this phenomenon you can realize that this is nothing more than mere mind games with one’s self, a play between one’s own insecurities. Most of the time there’s nothing going on with other people and even if they were thinking ugly things about you… what does it matter? But then you have a problem… most people know that A knows that B knows that C knows, ad infinitum.

Basically there’s a sense of false identity which at first is created by a neurotic society and its cultural paradigms, a constant rain of external stimuli where self-contemplation is seen as stupid and cheesy. This is something which many teachers have missed in ages past, not so much because they were oblivious to it, but because there was a lack of terminology. This is where psychology comes in and the process of getting to know those artificial and useless concepts/ideas becomes easier. It is much more easier when psychology is implemented than when you just go to some far away eastern land and sit with some teacher and become extremely frustrated because you don’t have a liberating experience.

Now you have to be careful when you talk about identification with the mind and body, I think the term over-identification is better suited to describe it. What some teachings seek to communicate is that your body is not the ultimate reality and that your mind is just one of the aspects of Self, but it is out of control. This is where the western esoteric tradition works for me because it is known that your body is the tomb of your soul, yet it is extremely sacred. Meaning that your body is very useful because it is a means to perfect your “higher aspects”. In the western tradition it is idiotic to think the body is the ultimate aspect of humans and at the same time it is idiotic to see the human body as something useless.

There can also be fine lines in the idea of letting go. You could “let go” of everything and become a cold being or you could “hold” everything dear to you and become someone who is obsessed and neurotic. So along the way you have to develop a sort of extra-sensorial skill where you will know what are the things that you must let go and what other things are important to hold close. There are degrees to this because sometimes a certain perception can be really useful for a certain length of time, but there comes a time when this sane experience may become cancer.

Now you must not confuse letting go with escapism, it is one thing to let go of things because you have an understanding of them and their effects and it’s something completely different to pretend there’s nothing holding you down. By the same token it is one thing to embrace ideas or things because you have an understanding and it is something completely different to embrace things because you are trying to fill some void. Again there are fine lines in all of this and ultimately it’s up to the individual to get attuned to all of this.

As for my earlier remark about Death:

Now that’s a way to see Death and I find it to be true, but there are layers to this. In the western esoteric tradition it is known that in a sense Death is a means towards evolution. Everything in the Cosmos seems to go through Death. Things die because only then can consciousness adopt new forms of expression to evolve. An apple seed contains the potential the become a big tree, yet there’s a sort of Omega point within the tree form and so it must die so it can adopt a higher and better form. So the seed of an apple which eventually becomes a tree can become a human and Death is the portal between one form and the other. So you see getting to know the dynamics of Death can also help you to become saner, just as realizing that to an extent you are never born… at least not in the conventional sense which has been fed to humanity through history.

Deus Ex Machina

The god out of the machine is the modern wet dream of the technocratic dictators and even more horrifying is the fact that many people around the globe seek to become more machine like in an attempt to escape the pain of their existence. Ironically this only creates a soulless automaton who is in constant pain, physically and spiritually.

This video will be my starting point:

It’s an interesting video to say the least. It should be noted that when information is provided by the establishment it will be compartmentalized and rather superficial, for example, the BBC video may talk about the “revolutionary” changes in the future, such as having clean energy. It fails to consider groups of interest, cultural programming, psychopathy, economics, psychology, etc. Somehow this kind of stuff is interconnected with other subjects, but the last thing the Empire of Death wants to see is people connecting dots which require deep thought.

The idea of humanity 2.0 is nothing new, throughout history you can see obsessions with improving the human condition in a sort of dehumanized and necrotic manner. From keeping a specific race pure to adhering to a certain “superior” ideology. Transhumanism seeks a similar result via technology and science.

If you notice, the video makes emphasis on this: to separate and put back together. Somehow an occult axiom has trickled down into the cultosphere and many are pitifully unaware of it, but the great sorcerers of the pyramid are pretty much aware of this axiom and have corrupted it.

Alchemy has provided the axiom: Solve et Coagula. Dissolve and coagulate, separate and put back together. In a healthy aspect it boils down to identifying abstract aspects of yourself which can go from thoughts to emotions, the idea is to take one of those elements and purify it. Take anger for instance, an emotion which at first seem venomous, yet when you sublimate it you can obtain a healthy dose of rebellion. You can take that blind anger towards the system and refine it to the point where you won’t seek to break windows in the next pseudo-anarchist protest, but instead you will get to know the antics of the system and develop psychological and/or practical methods to counter it. Again you can do this with pretty much any psychological energy, you can work with various energies at the same time. The idea is to put those elements back together so that you can have a healthier Self which works as a whole, a symbiotic relationship of sorts between the different aspects of your Self.

You can project this dynamic to a more superficial and concrete level. Take the example of the “spider-goats” in the BBC video: you take two animals found in the whole, that is nature. Oh and you want to obtain a specific thing: Silk. Which can be mass-produced at a faster and efficient manner. Take “Solve” further, identify the spider protein which produces silk, then extract it. Now it’s time for “Coagula”, introduce the DNA code for the spider protein in the DNA code of the goat. Repeat “Solve” when you want to extract silk from the goat’s milk. This is very simplified but you get the idea.

Now, when it comes to human beings a similar process takes place, whether it is done to evolve or to be put down by some technocratic/occult spheres of power. In a toxic sense, you are being put trough a heavy process of dissociation (Solve) with your own Self. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of it are broken, smashed into tiny pieces. After after this process, the priests who have replaced and murdered the shamans will step in and proceed to coagulate these aspects into a new whole, this will be done for you, the only condition is to be obedient.

When I talk about priests I’m not limiting it to the religious figures, I’m talking about the different types of social engineers. The new whole provided for you will be your cultural and sub-cultural personas where the broken aspects of your Self try to work together. There are different degrees to this, some people go trough more brutal phases than others. A great example of this is the film “Black Swan”, what you can see in the film is a sort of backwards alchemical process of “Solve et Coagula” in a very MK Ultra style. The whole or almost the whole world goes trough different degrees of this process:

And you only need to check who the director of this film is to confirm the psychological and occult roots of the film: Darren Aronofsky a guy who was inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain” a very psychedelic and occult film, but I digress.

On the other hand you can break-down those toxic aspects of your Self and refine them to obtain a more “pure version” of them to put them back together in a more coherent and healthy whole, in this healthy dynamic you don’t need priests, instead you’ll go on to become a sort of psychological shaman. You can see this dynamic in “Batman Begins”:

From a cultural perspective, I think Transhumanism is about providing an escape from a rather harsh and dull existence. An existence where gods have failed to deliver, an existence where the human body is seen as a massive flaw. In today’s modern world, science is the new religion, in the eyes of millions science has managed to deliver. It has given great technological advancements which provide answers for the ills of humanity. In the average mind it is only logical to assume that posthumanism is the answer to our woes.

But something has to be made clear here, that is the average guy is not seeking to become a sort of cyborg in such a literal way because the cultural machinery has not materialized such practice yet. Rather the foundations for it are being build, via flashy advertisements, sci-fi and visionary scientists. Don’t underestimate this because in fact this serves another purpose… those futuristic visions are in a sense encouraging a very real state of dehumanization where technological gadgets equal happiness and prozac cures all any and all forms of depression, for these are the foundations for the next step in the technocratic system of evolution.

Another thing to consider in all of this are the subjects of “The Great Work” and “The Chymical Weddding”:

Those videos show the corrupted side of those two concepts. The Great Work is about working on your Self to become God and to create yourself while The Chymical Wedding is about obtaining a synthesis between two opposing forces, usually this is depicted by Masculine and Feminine energies. In the first video you can see humans trying to become the gods of the physical realm by creating themselves, to this end they will use science and technology to perfect themselves.

In the second video you can see the dialectic of being “environmental conscious and green” and “being modern and trendy” being expressed in a very mythical fashion. It’s worth mentioning that in a healthy sense both of these dynamics (The Work and The Wedding) have some core foundations which pretty much can be applied to every single human being, yet at deeper levels they become something very, very personal. In contrast you can see that the versions provided by the Empire of Death is very collectivized, there is no room for individuality beyond a social persona and a quantitative sense.

Another point to explore is that The Wedding and The Work have different phases and each of them is an ongoing process, in the same manner Transhumanism is just another phase in the technocratic elite’s Great Work and Chymical Wedding.

I don’t see the creation of life via synthetic biology as bizarre, if you think about it this physical realm is in a sense, condensed information. So I guess you could say this so-called synthetic biology is about finding a way to materialize virtual information. A concept which is not foreign in the realm of sci-fi, you can see this dynamic being explored in “Tron”:

Now I don’t see why the planet would be upset about humans doing what it’s proposed in the BBC video, by itself it’s just potential and new layers to be explored and when you think about it, as synthetic as they may be, these technological machines are the result of transforming raw materials found in nature (then you could get into subjects such as how much blood has been spilled in exchange).

BUT it is true that this enormous potential power is being made available to a broader audience. At first glance you could say is a positive step, since it somehow reduces the power of the elites… yet it should be remembered that most of the population is completely broken and they can’t give these new possibilities deep thought. In a sense, it’s just a new toy, the next cool thing the modern world has to offer. This kind of power can be quite terrifying in the hands of a few sociopathic people, but it’s also frightening to see it in the hands of the stupid and ignorant.

Something I noticed was the amazement in the video about the neurological devices and the concept of using light to alter the functions of the brain. This is not something new, rather it’s being made more sophisticated and direct. The practice of sending stimuli to the brain via light can be seen on the dynamics used by the giant media corporations in their T.V. programming. They aim for specific centers on the brain and effectively change the behaviour of millions of people. Which leads me to point out the hypocrisy of the sociopathic elites. You are encouraged to believe that it’s all about science now, well I call bullshit, it’s also about magic or sorcery just like the following video:

1:15 mark, you can notice how there is a spell being casted in a very symbolic language, the message is: “Do not think, erase your individual identity”. Yeah don’t worry in 5 years you can also live IBM’s dream. Which leads me to this point:

This futuristic vision of humanity is the vision of a few. Just as the elite has created a dream of success for the masses in the modern culture where people are constantly encouraged to pursue a dream which is not even theirs and can hardly accomplish. So it will be the same in the phase of literal Transhumanism. The serfs are being encouraged to pursue the new dream so that they can carry out the vision of the masters, they will be bombarded with images of the new utopia, but only the elite will be the ones to enjoy it, for this is the metaphorical present and the probable future:


Human 2.0

The new and improved dissociated persona

A Schism of our different aspect of Self indeed:

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